Making A Pizza In a Cast Iron Skillet – Making Pizza Dough

So I tried a new technique in cooking my pizza dough. And that technique was using a cast iron skillet and let me say it was fantastic, in fact might be my new favorite way for making my pizza.

How to do this technique is to start with a normal pizza dough ball (A recipe can be found on this site). Roll the dough ball out and place into a well greased cast iron skillet. I used a combination of olive oil and garlic butter on the bottom of the pan. Add all your favorite toppings and there you go.

Then you will actually place the pizza that is in the cast iron skillet with all your toppings onto a burner on your stove. Let it cook on medium heat for roughly five minutes . After that place the pizza into a pre-heated oven roughly 425 degrees and cook until your desired appearance.

Truly a fantastic pizza and I highly recommend trying the method.

Here is a picture of the pizza, looks great doesn’t it?


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